If you are a current client, prospective client, or just found us on the web and know a like-minded CEO who has been plagued by constant IT issues or just wants and a third-party assessment of the health of their network, ask them if it's okay to send us a referral. Fill out the form below and we will have one of our Client Relationship Team Members contact them to set up a short call with our CEO, Will Sperow and arrange for an on-site network assessment to be performed.

Take a look at our testimonials and learn what our valued clients will tell you about the some of the benefits they have gained by entering into a relationship with Blue Bay:

  • Sleeping like a baby - we take care of your technology 24x7
  • Increased productivity - less downtime translates into more work time
  • No more worrying about security - we protect your data and your network
  • Enjoying more time for yourself - maximize your quality of life

By recommending partners, associates, or professional contacts, you can help them enjoy worry-free IT and reap some rewards for yourself.

Help Us Out And We’ll Reward You With Amazon Gift Cards For Your Trouble

We love having you as a client, a prospective client, or someone who "just found" us on the web and are intrigued by what you learned about Blue Bay. We'd like to make all of you a very special referral offer that is continuous and has no end date.

Simply refer any company with 10 or more computers to Blue Bay. Your “friend” will receive a FREE computer network assessment (a $1,500 value). And, once we’ve completed the initial appointment with your referral, we’ll rush YOU a $50 Amazon Gift Card just for helping us get the appointment.

If your referral signs a three-year managed services contract with us YOU WILL RECEIVE A $500 Amazon Gift Card. And guess what? THERE’S NO LIMIT ON HOW MANY REFERRALS YOU CAN SUBMIT. Just think of the ways you could use those funds.

Simply call us at (703) 261-7200 or e-mail us at will@bluebaytechnology.com with your referral’s name and contact information today! Or have your “friend” reach out directly to us.

*NOTE: Gift Cards are issued directly to the individual making the referral.

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