What does this mean and why it’s important to your business?

If you are currently using, or plan on using, Microsoft Office 365 don’t think of it as JUST email. Office 365 is so much more. When the applications that are included with your subscription are administered and managed properly your company will reap the benefits. A few of those benefits are:

  • Multiple licenses (5 devices per licensed user)
  • Cloud data storage
  • Access to data stored in the cloud from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Personal data storage for each licensed user
  • Improved efficiency with forms and workflows
  • Reduced on-site meetings using Teams
  • Seamless collaboration using SharePoint
  • Create multiple sites on your SharePoint platform and manage access privileges
  • Enhanced E-mail security and reporting
  • Business analytics
  • Archiving and compliance tools

It is great that Microsoft continues to increase the product line and the functionality of those products offered via Office 365; however, this also makes administering and managing your site even more complex and often frustrating. Most small business would benefit greatly from moving to Office 365 and utilizing the full spectrum of its capabilities. The issue here is that it can become a full-time job for your current IT staff which are not normally trained on the administration and management nuances of the products. And, if they aren’t “experts” in Office 365 applications setup, management, permissions, and all the other bits and pieces that go into making a truly valuable site, you will find yourself and your employees hating it in a short period of time. Once you have lost “buy in” from your employee base, you will be back to paying for E-mail service and wasting some of the most valuable features and functions of a product suite you are paying for every month.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, that’s where Blue Bay Technology comes in. We can manage this complex, yet extremely valuable, environment for you. From initial E-mail migration to Office 365 all the way through cloud management. There are too many aspects and ways to use Office 365 to be able to go into detail here. However, you can click here to go to our Contact Us page and reach out to a Sales specialist who will be happy to discuss your business need and requirements and work with you to determine which Office 365 tools best fit in your company.

Please watch this page for Blue Bay Technology’s white paper entitled, “Office 365 – How to get the most out of your Office 365 assets and why it’s important to the growth of your company.”